Case Study

Panda Bear Pediatrics, LLC

Panda Bear Pediatrics is a two office, two provider practice. Prior to using PhysicianXpress™ in their practice, Panda Bear Pediatrics used an Electronic Medical Records system from one vendor and the practice management system from the billing company. Although their previous system used a computer for the EHR and billing functions, the practice had some inefficiency with patient charting, billing and tracking. Additionally, the systems used prior to PhysicianXpress™ were not specifically designed for Pediatric Offices.

Prior Billing/Practice Management

For a few years, the practice utilized the services of a billing company that had success in medical billing. This medical billing company had their own computer system and processes for which they claimed they collected higher than the average physician office. This billing company incorrectly billed some vaccines and other codes which resulted in the practice losing thousands of dollars. Even though this billing company utilized industry standards, the practice was able to identify issues in their processes and systems, found their system difficult to use and discovered that their system was inadequate for monitoring the overall performance of the practice as well as of each Physician. As a result, Panda Bear Pediatrics had to develop a tracking system to insure all the claims were being paid.

Prior Electronic Health Records (EHR)

The EHR Company had electronic charts and the templates for the practice to customize for their use. The flow of the system was not designed around the process flow of a pediatric office. Each week, the physicians needed to spend extra time either at night or at the end of the week to complete their charts. Regularly the physician who treated the most patients would spend 3 or more hours on a Sunday completing charts.

Physicians would spend 3+ hours completing charts


Panda Bear Pediatrics, LLC agreed to use the PhysicianXpress™ practice management system with their existing EHR system. Their collections from the insurance company increased from approximately 95% of the insurance contract amount to above 99% of insurance contract amount due to a better system to monitor and manage the process. Additionally the cycle time for payment decreased.

Increased insurance contract amount to about 99%


After the strong success of the billing application, Panda Bear Pediatrics agreed to use the PhysicianXpress™ EHR/Practice Management System. The system incorporated the previous practice management system they used and an EHR built specifically for the process flow of a pediatric office. The practice converted from their previous EHR to the new system with less than one day of training, no down time of the practice and with an integrated system for Pediatrics.

Using the PhysicianXpress™ system, the physicians are able to complete 90% of the charts the same day of service. The practice increased their operational effectiveness in the management of vaccines due to the vaccine management system. The physicians are able to see patients in either office and have full access to the medical records of the patients. The practice and each physician can easily monitor their charts to be completed, the patients schedule and view all aspects of the patient record including vaccination schedule. Additionally, the system has appointment reminders for well checks so staff can call patients that need well checks.

PhysicianXPress is a cloud based pediatric billing/manage pediatric practice management software. Our medical software offers electronic health records, optimized for pediatric doctor’s offices. Our streamlined combination children’s medical care software including both electronic medical records and practice management (including appointment scheduling, charting, billing and tracking, and automated appointment reminders.)

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