We selected partners that provide quality products and services for Pediatric Practices. Our partners include:

Surescripts Surescripts operates the nation’s largest e-prescription network and supports a rapidly expanding ecosystem of health care organizations nationwide. Surescripts was founded on the principles of neutrality, transparency, interoperability, efficiency, collaboration and quality. Surescripts connects prescribers in all 50 states through their choice of e-prescribing software to the nation’s leading payers, chain pharmacies and independent pharmacies.Visit their website at:
Lexicomp Lexicomp’s integrated solutions help hospitals, EMRs, consumer websites and other health IT developers quickly and easily implement drug reference information and drug data into their systems. When integrated into HIS systems, Lexicomp’s reference and drug data solutions provide clinicians access to the most current and relevant drug information available – enabling them to improve decision making and enhance patient safety. Our integrated solutions also supply end users the functionality to support several aspects of clinical decision support required by an EMR for certification.Visit their website at:
Labcorp LabCorp provides leading-edge medical laboratory tests and services through a national network of primary clinical laboratories and specialized Centers of Excellence. Recognized for our innovation, quality, and customer convenience, LabCorp delivers timely, accurate results for improved patient care.Visit their website at:
Quest Diagnostics Quest Diagnostics Incorporated is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services that patients and physicians need to make better healthcare decisions.Visit their website at:
Gateway EDI As one of the nation’s fastest growing health care EDI providers, Gateway EDI offers simple solutions to complex electronic connectivity challenges. Our technology improves your efficiency by automating key business functions.Visit their website at:
InfoGard InfoGard is the only ATCB that is Federally accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Program (NVLAP) of National Institute of Standards (NIST) (Lab Code 100432-0). InfoGard was the first computer security testing laboratory accredited by NVLAP and received its accreditation in 1995. One hundred percent of software products, hardware products, and network systems that InfoGard has evaluated and deemed effective and compliant, have been validated and approved by oversight bodies, a perfect track record during InfoGard’s 17 years of testing and evaluation service to government and private sector entities.Visit their website at:
RelayHealth RelayHealth provides connectivity solutions that make it easy for consumers and healthcare organizations to securely exchange information. In keeping with this objective, all of their solutions are designed to work on an open network for simple electronic system start-up or add-on solutions in the future. They provide us with accurate, informational, up-to-date patient education resources.Visit their website at:

PhysicianXPress is a cloud based pediatric billing/manage pediatric practice management software. Our medical software offers electronic health records, optimized for pediatric doctor’s offices. Our streamlined combination children’s medical care software including both electronic medical records and practice management (including appointment scheduling, charting, billing and tracking, and automated appointment reminders.)

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