Patient Communications


Parents are often very busy with children, activities, and work. With internet usage at an all time high as well as smartphone usage, isn’t it time for your practice to provide options to communicate with parents in a way that meets their needs? Want to reduce the burden placed on the staff by phone calls? We have tools that can allow a practice to provide parents 24/7 access to their children’s health information. Our web-based services reduce the administrative burden of the office staff and focus on the needs of Pediatric Practices. Our tools are all built right into the PhysicianXpress system so that the office does not need to manage two systems.

We develop automatic lists of patients that are due for well-checks including other customizable criteria. This tool helps achieve “optimal” well patient visits (good for preventive medicine) as well as to optimize revenue that is in alignment with the goals of managed care organizations.

Your practice can become more accessible and convenient to your patients via these tools. Some benefits include:

  • Secure and standard-compliant patient messaging via the Web, email, and cell phones
  • Improved payment rate on patient statements via reminder messages
  • Saved staff and physician time
  • Removed cost and burden of paper-based mailing campaigns
  • Reduction in missed appointments
  • Better managed patient health
How to activate our Patient Communication Services:

Unlike many of our competitors’ medical scheduling software and services, PhysicianXpress is centrally hosted and designed specifically for Pediatric Practices. This means that your practice does not need to invest in costly software updates, servers, or phone lines.

Patient Portal

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Patient Portal

A patient portal is a place where a family can log in to view child records, appointments, test results, and/or balance due for a bill. Our Patient portal can be customized based on the goals of the practice. Our staff will work with your staff to customize the patient portal based on your needs. If fully activated, the patient portal can be utilized by parents to:

  • Request Appointments
  • Update Insurance Information and Demographics
  • View Financial Statements
  • Pay Outstanding Charges
  • View Growth Charts
  • Provide Patient Education Resources on Medications, and Diseases
  • And much more…

Reminder Messaging

Since all of the demographic and scheduling data is stored centrally in the PhysicianXpress system, it is simple for a practice to establish automated messaging to parents. Reminder messaging can be utilized to automatically call and remind parents of the office location, date, time, and provider for any approaching appointments. Additionally, the reminder messaging system can be utilized to send out broadcast messages to all families for announcements such as flu clinics, special hours, or holiday messages.
Implementing an integrated reminder messaging system insures consistent messages to your parents and families while reducing the amount of work required of the practice.

PhysicianXPress is a cloud based pediatric billing/manage pediatric practice management software. Our medical software offers electronic health records, optimized for pediatric doctor’s offices. Our streamlined combination children’s medical care software including both electronic medical records and practice management (including appointment scheduling, charting, billing and tracking, and automated appointment reminders.)

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