Revenue Cycle Management

Is your current billing team focused solely in Pediatrics? How do they update their Pediatric rules?
Is their collection rate above the MGMA goals? Are they using current technology to track and manage claims?

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Our goal at Doctor Office Management is for each Pediatric Practice to achieve a collection rate above the goals/benchmarks reported by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) using the PhysicianXpress System. PhysicianXpress has Pediatric-specific coding and scrubbing tools. Our pediatric scrubber is a dynamic, learning tool that improves consistently as new rejection rules are created by insurance companies. Unlike Client-server systems for which each practice is ‘sold’ piece software that is ‘static’ versus updated on a continuous basis, cloud-based technology insures up-to-date all the time. All Pediatric practices utilizing the PhysicianXpress system are able to benefit from the consistent updates to our scrubbing tools. We believe that focusing solely on the revenue cycle management of Pediatric Practices while leveraging today’s cloud-based technology is why we can consistently collect above MGMA Benchmarks while providing a practice a cost for “Back End Billing” that is below MGMA benchmarks for primary care.

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Pediatric Specific Billing Rules
  • Practice Management Designed for Pediatric Practices
  • Reduce Time & Administrative Burden
  • Increase Practice Revenue/Profitability

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